February 8, 2012

The Tabuk Matagoan Festival

The Tabuk Matagoan Festival is an annual event held every June 24 in Tabuk City, the capital of Kalinga province. The date coincides with the city's Foundation Day. The festival was first celebrated in June of 2002.

Highlights of the festival include the following:
1. Nataguan di Tago (street dancing)
2. Matagoan Run (a 7 kilometer marathon)
3. treks to Matambong and Bangabanga Falls in Amlao
4. water rafting on the Chico River
5. Patawid Agro-industrial Fair (a fair showcasing local agricultural and industrial products)

Source:Philippine Information Agency

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  1. pls/ help me to my thesis.. i want to research about banga banga falls.. to my beloved place.. ^^