February 1, 2012

People Who Do These Things Don't Deserve To Live

#Baguio City and La Trinidad police, we're hoping you're doing everything to get these demons behind bars where they should rot for the rest of their lives.

Teen Kidnapped, Raped - Source:Sun Star Baguio

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A 17-year-old girl was allegedly abducted and raped somewhere in Baguio City on Monday while on her way to school.

High school senior Sherry (not her real name) is a resident of La Trinidad studying in Baguio recounted her ordeal while she was waiting for a cab in front of a grocery along Bokawkan Road.

Police reports revealed Sherry took a cab between 7 a.m. Monday and was seen next seen along the streets of Balili 3 p.m.

Police annotated statements from Sherry Monday evening, saying when she hailed the cab, the driver after asking her destination, immediately pointed a gun at her and punched her causing her to faint.

When Sherry regained consciousness, she found herself blindfolded with her school uniform missing, stripped of her shorts and inner shirt. She remembered being ordered to dance which she obeyed out of fear.

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