February 24, 2012

"Igorot By Heart" Book To Be Published By The Igorot Global Organization (IGO)

The Igorot Global Organization (IGO) will be launching a book called "Igorot By Heart" on April 11 at the baguio Country Club. This is in conjunction with the upcoming 9th International Igorot Consultations (IIC 9) to be held from April 12-14 in Baguio City.

The book is a compilation of keynote addresses and selections from the previous eight IIC conferences that were held from 1995 to 2008.

Authors featured in the book include:
Albert S. Bacdayan
Richard Stone B. Pooten
Kate Chollipas Botengan
Francisco F. Claver
Minerva Chaloping-March
Alexander Arsay Wandag
Patricia O. Afable
Deana Weibel
Mark Sabas Leo
Ceasar M. Castro
John D. Dyte
Rosalynda Teckney-Callagan
Carolyn W. Hildebrand
Rex Botengan
Kate Chollipas Botengan
Marshall Wandag
Rex Botengan, Jr.
Maria Dalisay A. Leones

Here's the synopsis for the book:
The Igorot Global Organization (IGO) compiled keynote addresses and selections from eight conferences, called Igorot International Consultations, held from 1995 through 2008.

The essays on the Igorots---the mountain people of the Cordillera in northern Luzon, Philippines ---cover land, people and culture. These accounts span 100 years of Igorot experiences, from the 1904 St . Louis Fair in St. Louis , Missouri , USA and 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE) in Seattle , Washington , USA , to the second- and third-generation Igorots presently residing in North America and Europe .

The author's biography provides context to their thoughts and enables the reader to experience a presence and understand why the IGO invited the speaker. The art work gives a perspective on the author's work.

In the first of Albert S. Bacdayan's essays, he said, "This paper is essentially a restatement of the message of the inaugural speech, with slight editorial modifications and elaborations for emphasis and clarity, a message that good education, strong identity, intact families and social connectedness collectively provide a potent key to a bright future for those in the Igorot diaspora."

Richard Stone B. Pooten, "My children were not born in the Mountain Province; they did not grow up surrounded by the old folks that I remember; they do not speak Kankana-ey, so how can I expect them to know about their Igorot culture. Therefore, I know it is my responsibility (as an Igorot parent) to try and teach them with every opportunity that is available."

Kate Chollipas Botengan, "The philosophical question 'Who are the Igorots?' demand not only an answer but an inward reflection by us all, both by those who claim ownership over the term and by those who would not have anything to do with it."

And in Albert S. Bacdayan's second essay, he said, "In the final analysis, the destiny of the Igorots in the Philippine nation-state, hinges on integration, not assimilation."

On the Igorots at the 1904 St . Louis Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Francisco F. Claver said, "What was not seen ”though perhaps guessed at by the more astute”was something more important: their inner make-up, that is, their mental processes, their values, their beliefs, the non-visible aspects of culture that compose a people's world view and ethos and give them a spirit and identity all their own."

Minerva Chaloping-March, "The Cordillera is a highly mineralized region but the bottom line for opening up to mining projects is about the recipients of development."

Alexander Arsay Wandag, Sr., "To help our people become more relevant to prevailing needs and in the development process, let us help prepare them for the future."

On the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE) in Seattle , Washington , USA., Patricia O. Afable and Deana Weibel said, "This account attempts to recover some of the lives and historical experiences of the indigenous participants in the 1909 " Igorrote Village" and their showman, Richard Schneidewind."

Deana Weibel, "To this day, my mother will sometimes sit back, drink a bottle of San Miguel and think of her grandfather and his Philippine connections."

Mark Sabas Leo, "performing Igorot folk dance has a completely different meaning for Igorot youth in the United States , one that informs them of their own unique identity that gives a sense of self-empowerment, especially important for Igorot youth."

The book will be available during the IIC event. A copy costs PHP250.

For more information, you may contact the following individuals:
Philippines – Gaston Kibiten ( tagabila@yahoo.com)
Australia –Raleigh Agdaca ( ragdaca@optusnet.com. au)
Europe –Yvonne Belen ( tokwifi_yvonne@yahoo.com)
USA - Edith Esteban (eesteb a1@yahoo.com) and Patrick McDonough ( Patrick.Mcdonough@sdcounty.ca.gov)
Canada – Ceasar Castro ( cecastro@shaw.ca)

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