January 30, 2012

URCC Baguio 4: Battleground

URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championship) is coming back in the City of Pines to stage another MMA event on February 18 at the Baguio Convention Center. This is the fourth time that URCC will stage an event here.

Dubbed URCC Baguio 4: Battleground, the show will be headlined by a bout between Baguio's Roy “The Punisher” Docyogen (9-0-0) and Cebu's Rodel “Kid” Orais (2-0-0). For the co-main event, Melchor Cases (1-0-0) faces off with Christian Gazmin. Gazmin will be making his professional debut.

Here's the full fight card:
Superfight: Roy “The Punisher” Docyogen vs. Rodel "Kid" Orais
Co-Main Event: Christian Gazmin vs. Melchor Cases
Featherweight Championship: Arnold Agapito vs. Ricardo Sapno
Egly Diaz vs. Miguel Alo
Jerson Estoro vs. Onyok Transmonte (TBC)
Will “The Kill” Chope vs. Red Romero
Keiif Mangusan vs. Roldan Cartajena
Guzman Piayas vs. Charles De Tomas
Kevin Yongaan vs. Nicolo Espadero
Lito Adiwang vs. Bioyondi Divandangan
Ranel Tangguiyac vs. MJ Abrillo

I noticed a few things about the event that I think aren't right. First off, why is the fight between Ricardo Sapno and Arnold Agapito a championship fight? Agapito only has one fight in his resume and he's getting a shot at the title? And in the article at the official URCC website announcing the fight card, they did not mention if the main event between Docyogen and Orais is a title bout. Docyogen is the pinweight champion. So why isn't his belt on the line.

And one last thing, they misspelled Roy Docyogen's name in the official fight poster. It says Rey instead of Roy. Talk about sloppy. The URCC just misspelled the name of a fighter headlining their event.

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