January 4, 2012

Middle Quirino Hill Folks Celebrated The New Year The Right Way :)

As an Igorot who loves his culture a little bit too much, I had fun watching the following videos. Uploaded into YouTube by someone with the username peterqh12345, the videos show folks celebrating the New Year with traditional Igorot dances and music. I've heard our traditional sounds countless of times but listening to them again through the following videos, the sounds feel as fresh as ever.

As the titles of the videos suggest, these dancing folks are from Middle Quirino Hill. Matago-tago kayo am-in. Had I known you were there dancing 2011 away, I would have joined you there. :)

And to the man who obviously had one too many drinks, matago-tago ka as well. Ngem sapay koma ta adim sobraen nan alak tay madi. I had fun watching you though. And I'm glad you all had a fun New Year celebration.:)

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