January 23, 2012

Burglary Attempt in Cebu City Being Tied to Ex-Miners from Benguet

Two news reports form Sun Star Cebu and The Philippine Daily Inquirer speak of an attempted robbery of a German pawnshop in Cebu City. According to the reports, two ex-miners from Benguet (Kenneth Coplanga and Madrig Batnag) are being tagged as the ones responsible for the botched burglary.

The two suspects were arrested way back in 2010 but were able to post bail. They are now being hunted down by the police for this new crime that they committed. They reportedly leased a space in a commercial building. They then dug a 15-meter underground tunnel that was supposed to lead to the pawnshop. However, they miscalculated and ended up in a tailoring shop adjacent to the pawnshop. They then dug a hole through the pawnshop's walls but they didn't anticipate a double vault, one they can't possibly crack. Making matters worse, the alarm in the pawnshop went off prompting the suspects to flee the area.

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