December 16, 2011

Kankana-ey Dialect Being Used to Teach in School

The Department of Education's mother-tongue-based multilingual education program or (MTB-MLE) piloted in three Baguio City schools. The program prescribes the utilization of the language that learners use at home in teaching lessons and encouraging discussions. It's being implemented from pre-school up to grade three students.

The program piloted in three cities here in Baguio. Kankana-ey is being used at the Sto. Tomas Elementary School and Ilocano at the Fort del Pilar Elementary School and Roxas Elementary School.

I think this is a good idea as long as they keep the program to the newest learners (preschool and the first three elementary grades). Although I believe that teaching in the Kankana-ey dialect to Grade 3 pupils is stretching it too much, I'm sure the Department of Education has its reasons in extending the program up to Grade 3.

Let's just hope the program brings in positive results.

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