December 26, 2011

Drugs Served In The Head Of A Lechon Head

A news article by the Sun Star Baguio reported that three minors tried to smuggle eight sachets of illegal drugs into the Baguio City Jail last Saturday afternoon. Said drugs were stuffed into the head of a roasted pig or lechon.

According to PDEA, the sachets are worth about 37,800 pesos. Big money.

This story is scary. People aren’t scared to try and bring drugs into prison cells. This news article proves only one thing. And that is people arrested for drug-related cases are continuing their works even inside prison cells.

Police and jail wardens should be more vigilant in cracking down on these illegal activities. Sachets of drugs can be stuffed into anything. Coca-cola bottles. Packs of cigarettes. Anything.

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