December 1, 2011

Baguio City Police Office DAILY BLOTER December 1, 2011

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- Robbery with Intimidation committed at about 1:30AM of December 1, 2011 at the intersection of Malaya St and St. Theresa St, Mirador Hill, BC wherein the victims were identified as "Danica" with 5 other companions. Initial investigation disclosed that the victims who are all students of the University of the Cordilleras were waiting for a taxi when two unidentified male suspects on board a black Honda TMX with plate number AS 2430 stopped infront of them and asked them the road going to down town. Suddenly, they alighted from the motorcycle wherein one of them brought out a handgun and pointed to the victims while his companion helped him in divesting the belongings of the victims. Divested from them were: wallet containing P300.00 and important documents, shoulder bag containing 3 Samsung cellphones worth P20,000.00 and assorted ATM cards, back pack containing assorted ATMS cards and IDs, Nokia 1441 cellphone worth P1,600.00 and wallet containing ATM cards and school ID. Luckily, the cellphones of the other two were not taken when the suspects fled because their cellphones were dropped during the heist. Suspects fled towards Malaya St on board the same motorcycle while the victims reported the incident at Station 1. Case is under follow-up and investigation.

- Arrest of Alvin Miraflor y PeƱaflor, 29 yrs old, married, security guard under Starforce Security Agency, native of Manguinsan Lopez, Quezon Province and resident of Naguilian Rd, BC for Violation of RA 8294, Grave Threats and Multiple Physical Injuries committed at about 12:01AM of December 1, 2011 inside Class 88 Karaoke Bar located at Naguilian Rd, BC on complaints of "Nona", 26 yrs old, single, businesswoman, native of Lingayen, Pangasinan and resident of Guisad, BC, "Melba", 28 yrs old, single, businesswoman, native of Dagupan City and resident of Ferguson Rd, BC and "Emerson", 36 yrs old, married, writer, native of Manaoag, Pangasinan and resident of Lower Quarry, BC. Investigation disclosed that victims were having drinking spree when the suspect keep on passing back and forth infront of them without any reason then shouted at them prompting Nona to confront him. However, the suspect brought out a handgun and hit her head causing injuries. Melba and Emerson chased the fleeing suspect but they were also hit by the suspect causing abrasions at their right arms but they were able to disarm the suspect and recovered the handgun described as Shooters cal. 38 revolver with serial number E8951588 but no ammunition. The suspect and the firearm were turned-over to the responding policemen of Station 1. Case is being prepared for inquest.

- Robbery Hold-Up committed at about 11:20PM of November 30, 2011 at a waiting shed near Hotel Elizabeth located at Gibraltar, BC wherein the victims were identified as "Shandy", 23 yrs old, single, call center agent, native of Besao, Mt. Province, resident of Gibraltar, BC and "Angelica", 24 yrs old, single, call center agent and resident of Gibraltar, BC. Initial investigation disclosed that victims were waiting for a ride when unidentified male suspects wearing black jackets on board a black Honda motorcycle with plate number 2_30 AB (incomplete control number) approached them and brought out a handgun of still unknown caliber and announced hold-up afterwhich, divested their personal belongings. Taken from Shandy was her sling bag containing N73 Nokia cellular phone, P50.00 cash, SITEL ID and badge, San Disk MP3 and important documents while taken from Angelica was her black leather shoulder bag containing 1616 Nokia cellular phone, various IDs and important documents. After the heist, suspects fled towards Mines View Park while victims reported the incident at Station 3 who immediately established checkpoints. Other personnel scoured the area and vicinities but the suspects are nowhere to be found. Case is under follow-up and investigation by Station 3.

- Theft (Stolen Motorcycle) that was reported at Station 4 this office at about 10:10PM of November 30, 2011 by the complainant "Ruel", 25 yrs old, single, waiter and resident of Balbalatong, Pozorrubio, Pangasinan. Initial investigation revealed that the victim’s Honda 155 TMX motorcycle with plate number AS 2430 worth P96,000.00 was stolen by still unidentified suspect/s. Accordingly, at around 9:00PM of November 30, 2011, victim saw the motorcycle still parked unattended along the road at Purok 2, Kias, BC. However, at about 10:00PM of the same date, he discovered that said motorcycle is already missing prompting him to report the incident at Station 4. Case is under follow-up and investigation.

- Robbery with Force Upon Things transpired between 8:00PM Nov 29, 2011 and 5:30AM of Nov 30, 2011 inside Session Diagnostic Center located at the Anita Theresa Building, Lower Session Rd, BC wherein still unidentified suspect/s entered the said establishment by breaking the glass installed in an iron grill near the French glass sliding door after which, they cut the said iron with a bolt cutter or alike and once inside, suspects ransacked the skin clinic of "Dr. Noble", 54 yrs old, and resident of Trancoville, BC and opened all the cabinets/drawers thereat where they took 1 HP laptop worth Php.40,000.00, 1 Galaxy Samsung Tablet worth Php.35,000.00 and approximately Php.200,000.00 cash collections. Suspects also entered the clinic of "Dr. Plurad", 51 yrs old, married and a resident of Irisan, BC where they opened all the drawers and cabinets and took the cash money of her secretary amounting to Php.9,000.00. They also tried to ransack some other offices but they failed to open the doors. They opened all the steel cabinets and drawers at the registration area where they scattered small amounts of coins on the floor and disarrayed patient’s files. "Janglyn", 25 y/o, single, clinic nurse, native of Kalinga Province and a resident of Parapad, North Sanitary Camp, BC claimed that suspects took her Php 8,100.00 cash placed inside her table cabinet placed at the registration area. "Ronnie", 42 y/o, married, janitor of the said establishment, native of Dagupan City, Pangasinan and a resident of Asin Rd, BC claimed that at around 5:30AM of Nov 30, 2011, he reported to clean their office when he discovered the incident. He immediately informed Dr Noble who then reported the incident at COMPAC 4. "Mac", 33 y/o, married, service crew of Chowking Restaurant located at the 2nd floor of same building and a resident of Camdas Subd, BC claimed that at around 1:30AM of Nov 30, 2011 he was on duty at the said restaurant when he noticed two male minors aging from 16 to 17 years old and one male adult having a back pack and went to their comfort room but they were not costumers. However, he did not notice if the three came from the 3rd floor of the building which the incident was committed. The crime scene was processed by SOCO team lead by PSI HIQUANIA. Case is under follow-up and investigation.

- Alleged Robbery with Force Upon Things that happened between 3:00AM and 5:00PM of November 30, 2011 at Home Outlet located at Km 4 Marcos Highway, Bakakeng Central, BC on complaint of owners and managers of said establishments against three unidentified male suspects based on the CCTV camera of said business establishment. The incident was discovered at around 8:15AM of November 30, 2011 by Mrs. Domingo together with her employee and supervisor "Liza", 28 years old, single, native of Itogon Benguet and a resident of Bokawkan Rd, BC. Investigation revealed that suspects gained entry by creating hole on the steel door at the basement of said building by the use of a crowbar, after which entered and cut the steel bar where the padlock was hooked from inside. Once inside, suspects went at the display room where they ransacked the office and forcibly opened all cabinets. It was likewise noticed by responding policemen that the two cash registers were scattered on the floor. More or less Php. 200,000.00 cash, assorted items and personal belongings were taken and carted away by the suspects who escaped using their point of entry. It was recorded on the CCTV camera that there are three unidentified male suspects who entered said establishment, however it was not clear enough to be identified. The other suspect is heavy built and highlander looking. It was observed by the investigators, that when suspects sensed the presence of CCTV, they wore their bullcaps and likewise covered their faces. One security guard identified as "Joseph" under Quality Guards Services & Investigation Agency and resident of Dominican Hill, BC is posted from 7:00PM-7:00AM daily. However, he was not present at the time of investigation because he is off duty and cannot be contacted from his cellphone. Members of the SOCO led by PSINSP HIQUIANA processed the crime scene and lifted fingers and footprints and other pieces of evidence for possible identification of suspects. Case is under follow-up and investigation by Station 10.

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