December 3, 2011

Baguio City Crime Prone Areas

Baguio is a city. And like other cities, all sorts of crimes breed in the streets. Baguio may still remain as one of the safest cities in this country. This however shouldn't become a reason for residents and tourists alike to take their safety for granted. The Baguio police office posted the following photo on their Facebook page a couple of months ago. It shows which parts of the city recorded the most number of crimes. And as you can see, the crimes are a handful. Another reason why you should always be vigilant when plying the city's streets.

In case you are wondering what AZCKO is, it refers to the barangays of Abanao, Zandueta, Chanum, Kayang, and Otek. It's not surprising at all that AZCKO recorded the highest number of crimes. These areas have always been favorite hangouts for criminals. If you visit these areas, you would understand why criminals prefer operating there.

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