September 2, 2011

Today's Rant

1. Kalinga coffee cookies, anyone? I never tasted one, let alone see one. But an article on the Philippine Information Agency website reported that it’s currently available on the market. The question is where are they available? I badly need to taste one. I’m a coffee addict, by the way.
2. Both Baguio City and the province of Benguet has been declared under a “State of Calamity”. Baguio City has a calamity fund of about 50 million pesos and they can tap this to rehabilitate the damages done by typhoon Mina, most especially the collapsed retaining wall at the Irisan dumpsite. Benguet on the other hand has a calamity fund of 19 million pesos. This can be used to repair damages in the province’s various roads.
3. In celebration of Baguio City’s 102nd anniversary, six individuals were awarded as this year’s Outstanding Citizens of Baguio. They are Lourdes Dulay, Jerry Lingaling, Lilia Farinas, Jaime Bugnosen, Amparo Rimas, and Florence Reyes.

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