September 12, 2011

The more people here - the more garbage - the more crimes!

By: Grace Bandoy

The discovery of the bodies of dead teenage girls along areas of Marcos Highway SHOULD be given much attention as the tragedy that was the Trash Slide.

We cannot dismiss the trash slide of course and the innocent lives it claimed. The tragic event should be investigated and people should be held responsible. Someone or some people should be suspended or kicked out of their jobs for their irresponsibility a.k.a. KAPABAYAAN. Let heads roll!

I do not agree with the mayor when he blames the citizenry of Baguio for not segregating their garbages. People segregate their trashes, maybe it’s the garbage collectors that don’t or maybe it’s the people receiving the trash at Irisan that don’t, whoever is responsible for not segregating the garbages in Baguio are really not to be blamed for the tragedy anyway.

The end of the end of it all is that the city of Baguio continued to dump at that dumpsite and the retaining walls they built were not responsibly built to hold all the trash which the city continued to dump there, yun lang ang dapat pag usapan! Even the useless monsters of ERS machines do not even play a major role to the tragedy although I truly believe those ERS machines were anomalously purchased by the mayor.

Anyway, back to the bodies of teenage girls found dead along Marcos Highway, this is scarier than another pile of trash sliding down our mountainsides.

At least yung trash slide alam nating hindi na siguro mangyayari coz nagkakandarapa silang lahat para finally ay ayusin na yung dumpsite but the killings happening in our city ay wala tayong assurance whatsoever they will never happen again!

Why, because although the killer of one of the girls reported missing was captured by the police, the other bodies found remain to be on the “unsolved” side.

The suspected killer, Edwin Labayog, of a girl they called “Irish” whose body was found along Crystal Cave in Marcos Highway, I think should be investigated more. He said he ACCIDENTALLY killed the girl with a gun and several of their friends allegedly witnessed this incident.

He then put her dead body in a sack, dumped it in Marcos Highway and went on with his life for two months until the body was discovered.

I’m not CSI (although I’m a big fan of those TV series) but a person who accidentally kills someone does not do that. Dumping the body of a person you killed whether accidentally or not ay gawain ng criminal!! And then going on with your life like nothing happened? Para namang sanay sa criminal acts di ba?

Allegedly, the witnesses confirmed it was an accidental shooting daw yung nangyari. If this Labayog comes from a rich or influential family hindi na ako magtataka. He might even get away with it for all we know.

But I just feel the NBI or Police or whoever is handling this case should investigate the suspect further, because why would he dump the body in Marcos Highway? Is it just a coincidence that the victim was dumped in Marcos Highway, just near the Sta. Catalina convent where another dead body of a teenage girl was also dumped? Magkakalapit yung pinagtapunan eh, that must be something (I think).

Or if there are other violent criminals lurking around here somewhere sana ay mahuli na rin sila, I also hope people out there who witnessed these crimes find the courage and strength to come out and tell the truth. Hindi rin naman sila mabubuhay ng tahimik kahit saan pa sila magpunta you know, let’s pray karma keeps up with them.

We all must feel safe living in our city, karapatan natin yan. And eversince my grandmother was brutally killed and robbed off in 2007 and the case remains unsolved, nagkaroon na talaga ako ng personal na disgust over crimes like these.

All we can do is pray and watch out for each other and hope that the authorities will live up to their vows of making us safe and not condoning violent crimes such as these.

I guess these are all the price we have to pay for developing and urbanizing our city.

We are inviting more investors, more businesses, more residents, more visitors, more tourists, more criminals with our continuous urbanization of the city.

I have been blabbing about how I hate the concretization and developments and pagdagsa ng tao dito sa Baguio for a decade now in this column. Well, hindi pa ako nagsasawa!!! Stop transforming Baguio into what it’s not supposed to be!!! Tama na!

Investors should build their businesses and malls and call centers sa ibang provinces (like Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos)! Para tama na ang pagdami ng population dito!

The more people here – the more garbage – the more crimes!!!!! Kaya tama na!!!!! Palitan na sila??!!!! (if you guys get what I mean…)

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  1. emerson labayog, not edward... nwei, i agree hndi accidental ang shooting... gang related po kasi dealing with shabu un... at hndi tlga c emerson ang pumatay kundi ung lider nla na related sa officer of the law. i'm not defending emerson, kilala ko lng po kc sya, hndi sya mayaman, gradeschool lng ntpos nya, ung lider nla ang may kapit... gnamit nya c emerson dhil hawak nya sa leeg ang mga tauhan nea... although lht cla involved sa criminal activities... and dpat tlgang tugisin nla ung lider dhil sya ang bumaril at gumilit sa leeg ni irish na isa ring customer nla sa shabu... asset ung babae ng pdea kea nla pinatay... mkakalusot nnman tong lider nla pg hndi inimbestigahan ng mabuti... hndi aamin c emerson sa tunay na nangyari...