September 20, 2011

Mayor Mauricio Domogan Cancels US Trips

Mayor Domogan was supposed to lead a delegation this month and visit a couple of American cities for a series of events. An environmental conference in Honolulu, Hawaii and a renewal of sisterhood ties between Baguio City and Vallejo City in California.

The Mayor decided not to push through with the trips. Good call. As a public servant, the Mayor has got better things to do than go city-hopping around America.

The Mayor had the following to say about why he changed his mind:
"I do not want to leave the city with a problem."

Problem? No. That should have been "problems" because the City of Baguio is in a ton of problems right now. The garbage problem in Irisan. And that SCARY problem about over 50 young women going missing. Baguio is a small city and for that number of people to go missing in just nine months is a horrific reality.

Let's just hope the Baguio police and the city council give it their all and solve these issues. ESPECIALLY the case of those missing people.

POLICE AND POLITICIANS: do your jobs! Keep the City of Baguio safe.

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