September 7, 2011

Irish Found

Reading the news article about the circumstances of Irish's death is heart breaking. It is so sad that these kinds of things get to occur in our beloved City of Baguio.According to the report, Irish was a victim of a shooting incident that happened a few months ago. She is just 17 years old. The suspect is identified as Emerson Labayog, a young man, just 20 years of age.

Labayog said that it was a shooting accident. According to him, he placed the body of Irish in a sack then dumped her in a ravine somewhere near Crystal Cave and Marcos Highway.

The news report didn't elaborate on how the accident happened but we are hoping that it is indeed an accident, not a planned murder. It is also understandable that Labayog dumped the body and didn't confess about it for almost two months. He probably panicked. Anybody placed in his situation would have panicked. But he has a lot to answer for. He's the suspect. He's got blood in his hands. If he wasn't the only one involved in the incident, he should start talking to the authorities.

As for Irish, may she rest in peace. Condolence to her loved ones. And let us pray that these things never ever happen here or anywhere again.

God bless.

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  1. magkakakilala mga yan at nkahigh ng oras na un pinaglaruan nla ung baril at nagkaroon ng aksidente it wasn't only labayog who's in charge madami di n cla especially franklyn bambico hu stands as the witness panong mgging witness yan eh cla cla mgkakasama nong gbing un and frank is their original gang O.G or bos bosan i know the guys because naksama ko din mga yan it's all their fault hindi lang c powpow ang dapat masisi jan!!!