September 5, 2011

I Survived Sagada

This trip is a planned adventure, yes, but we did not anticipate storm as part of it. At first, we keep our hopes high that Mina would leave soonest than the forecast, but while on the bus heading north and when we reached the plains of Central Luzon, we already settled. Our perspective resigned to considering it as an added thrill, despite the risk, especially in a travel adventure to conquer Sagada.

First highlight for me would be my great scare traveling the slippery and dangerous highway of Bontoc, from Ifugao to Mountain Province. And because I got scared big time, I was able to write weird articles (refer to Eulogy) and another one to follow (Ode to Life). Di nyo lang alam kung gaano ako natakot. hehe. Imagine, traveling itself is a highlight already, what more when I reach the place! Continue reading...

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