September 5, 2011

Fried rice feeds 15,000 people in Baguio

BAGUIO City—A huge dish of fried rice fed at least 15,000 people here during the annual celebration of the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism (HRT) Weekend on Saturday.

The fried rice, served in a 7.62-meter dish, came in 13 recipes prepared by nine restaurants here. It used about 500 kg of rice.

Among these fried rice varieties are paella negra, tinapa fried rice, nasi goreng, chicken congee, Yangzhou chao fan, Gilligan’s fried rice, de recado and hamonado fried rice, pork adobo fried rice with squid rings, crispy dinuguan fried rice with lemon twist, yang chow fried rice, Asian vegetable and brown rice risotto, and the classic paella.

A restaurant served the Cordillera indigenous rice variety kintoman (red rice) with bagnet (deep fried pork) and puto bumbong (rice cake). Continue reading...

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