September 3, 2011

Baguio urban legends that baffle even locals

URBAN Legends in Baguio City are stories, oddities, habits and perceptions that visitors and locals carry with them when they trek to the mountain haven or you get to believe when you live in the boondocks for some time.

These stories have been passed from generation to generation and for the longest time perceived to be a truth however funny and insane. Here is a collection of myths, facts, half-truths and half lies:

The Lady of Loakan road

Yes, there is a white lady there, no doubt about it, ask the tough guys.

Grown cabbies and hardened Philippine Military Academy Officials will attest to it and even give you a tip or two to avoid seeing this apparition in white.

An Air Force Captain and I were once driving toward the length of the legendary Loakan road and started talking about the lady in white.

The manly captain attested to the stories of PMA bus drivers who tread the road early in the morning and late at night who get the jitters every time they pass the long and winding road where the white ghost resides.

Lo and behold, the young captain then took a detour to Camp 7 and said he wouldn't dare pass the road after talking about the lady in white.

No amount of military training would sway a military man to drive along the fog filled road in fear of a ghost.

The Loakan road tree

Number 1 and number 2 are somehow related. Continue reading...

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