July 23, 2011

A Letter From Ifugao

IFUGAO, Philippines -- For the first time in Philippine history, a member of parliament in the United Kingdom applied as a volunteer and was assigned to help the cause of health workers in the country. David Amess, 58 is one of the most respected MP in the UK with extensive experience in championing laws in the health service. He also chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group to the Holy See responsible for facilitating links between Parliament and the Vatican.

"Parliament is in recess until the 5th of September. I've been to the Philippines 22 years ago but that was on a political trip where I've met only some 35% of the wealthy Filipinos. This time I want to see the remaining 65% without the entourage." He shared while trekking the 40km terrain to visit one health center in the municipality of Batad, where the famous rice terraces is seen.

The Philippine Magna Carta for Nurses, which has long been enacted in 2002 states to upgrade the salary of nurses from P 11,000.00 to P15,000.00. The government has yet to implement it and health workers only received a wage of P5,000.00 to P8,000.00 a month. This practice resulted in the massive migration of thousands of health workers every year and has left shortage in the country's work force. One nurse is assigned to 1000 patients in some areas.

The trip also revealed the scheme of several hospitals hiring health workers as volunteers, and a small number of British and local companies misleading nurses of spending ₤4,500 to apply student visa and work for 12-14 hours in the UK.

"I hope your country will realize how important health is, among other basic things like education and security so you can all move forward to where you need to be."

Directed & Cinematography by
Baby Ruth Villarama

Film Editing by
Chuck Gutierrez

Music by
Nani Naguit

in cooperation with VSO-Bahaginan, British Embassy Manila and the Philippine Nurses Association

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