July 19, 2011

Baguio City Taxi Flag Down Rate is Now 35 Pesos

Taxi cabs in the city are now being calibrated for the new flag down rate of 35 pesos. This is a 10-peso increase from the old rate of 25 pesos. Furthermore, the passenger will add another 2 pesos for every 200 meters which is a 50-cent increase from the old rate of 1.50 pesos.

As a passenger, you are only to pay the 35-peso flag down rate if the taxi has been calibrated for the new rate. Here are the features of a cab whose meter has been calibrated:
1. The meter issues a receipt. A receipt will be printed out when you reach your destination.
2. The windshield of the cab, the portion in front of the passenger side is a yellow sticker bearing the words “Meter with receipt tested and sealed.”

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