June 3, 2011

Hold-uppers Picked The Wrong Cab To Rob

I guess one of the drawbacks of being a taxi hold-upper is that you never know what the capabilities of your target victims are. The taxi driver you are planning to rob could be a karate master or the owner of a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Take for instance a recent attempted taxi robbery here in Baguio City. Jeffery Botis, a 37-year old taxi driver was working his butt off driving his cab around Baguio late into the night. Just making an honest living. At 1:30 in the morning, two guys (Jojo Gamboa and Ronnie Lodia) flagged him down along Magsaysay Avenue, near the Baguio Public Market. The men informed him to take them to Gibraltar. Well, to cut the story short, when they were on the outskirts of town, one of the men grabbed the driver's head, pointed a six-inch knife towards his neck, and announced a hold-up.

Unfortunately for the two robbers, the driver is one tough cookie. He fought back. He wasn't going to just let the two thugs rob him of his 1000 peso earnings. While they were struggling inside the moving car, they figured in a minor accident along the road. Nobody was seriously hurt. Luckily, another driver saw the incident, called the cops, and that was the end of the robbers. They are now currently being held at the Baguio City Jail.

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