May 16, 2011

Your Prayers Needed

Our good town of Besao is yet again in the news for another unfortunate automobile accident. Last Monday, May 9, three of our kailyans passed away when the car they were riding fell off a 400-meter ravine. According to a news report, the tragedy happened in Sitio Pulpuluitan, Barangay Payeo in Besao.

To this tragic event, we've lost Samson Buyagan who is Tamboan's barangay chairman, his daughter Odilyn and a certain Marvin Comayden who died while undergoing treatment at the Bontoc General Hospital.

Two of Buyagan's daughters, Gracelyn and Bana-an were also in the van but they sustained just minor injuries.

In your prayers, do include those who went away and those who are left behind.

Thank you.

Note: Details on this report regarding names and places were taken from a Baguio Sun Star news article. If you are familiar as to how the accident happened or you personally know the people involved and that there are errors in this report, I apologize in advance. Thanks again.

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