May 10, 2011

On Not Stopping to Think and Look at the Things That We Have

I wrote this little piece after reading a few articles online written by tourists (local and foreign) about their visits and experiences in Sagada. One admits he visits Sagada four times a year because according to him “Sagada is irresistible.” Another one called Sagada “the Philippines' version of Shangri-La”. Yet another one plans to go back home to Chicago, Illinois, fetch his lover (girlfriend, if you prefer :D), take her under Bomok-od Falls then "propose to her like there's no tomorrow".

With that said, it occurs to me that these people/tourists are singing praises and hallelujahs over Sagada then here I am, a wild-eyed guy born/raised just a few miles from it and I can't even say a goddamn thing about how awesome Sagada is.

I'm an i-Besao. Besao and Sagada are neighbor towns. To get to Besao, you have to pass through Sagada.

I've never been to the Lemon Pie House
I never explored the Lumiang and Sumaguing caves.
I never dined at the Yogurt House.
Not a drop of water from the Bomok-od Falls ever made contact with me.
I've only seen the hanging coffins on photos, never up close and personal.
The list could go on....but I'd rather stop right here.

I came to realize that I've taken for granted and ignored what is around and nearest to me. Yet another case of being too far-sighted. Always looking at the BIG picture, seldom to the smaller details. Dreaming of Mars when the Moon is still up there. Always straining to look at the seventh mountain when I haven't yet climbed and explored the first mountain. Always looking at the girl three rows behind me when there's a girl right in front of me.

Well, things are going to change. I'm hoping they will. I'm going to look more on where I stand and look less on anything else.

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