May 20, 2011

A Nation Of Our Own?

I came across a blog post by a fellow Cordilleran blogger today. The post is called, IGOROT COUNTRY: A MISSED OPPORTUNITY. Czar, the poster had some interesting things to say, I had no choice but leave my own take on the issue he/she raised. So I left a comment which I'm reposting below.

"You have a point here, my good sir. What Alfredo Lam-en did was a heroic thing to do, something we should follow as Igorots whenever we find our identity as a people attacked or looked down upon. We should however understand that just because Carlos Romulo said "Igorots are not Filipinos", this does not mean all Filipinos share Romulo's view. Let us not let one or two bad apples in a basket ruin the whole basket. With regards to the Cordilleras being a separate nation, this I think would be very impractical. It will be the Igorot nation who will suffer the consequences. The Cordilleras needs the Philippines more than the Philippines needs the Cordilleras. Just a thought. Greetings from Baguio City...:)"

To read Czar's post, click here.

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