May 14, 2011

I'm A Nurse, Now What?

Here are the facts:
1. There are over 200,000 jobless nurses in this country.
2. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so, you know what's currently brewing in the Middle East. Revolutions are sprouting everywhere like seeds on steroids. When revolutions happen, the scenery in these Middle Eastern countries change. National security, economic and political stability get rocked. The movement of everyday life gets messed up. And it is no secret that Middle Eastern hospitals and medical facilities are among the top employers of Filipino nurses. With that said , employment for Filipino nurses here will see drastic and continuing cuts.
3. Opportunities for nurses in the western countries are also declining.

These are what we have right now. It's possible that things will be better in the future. But it seems our own government is not that upbeat about things getting any better soon. But you can't blame them either. Because there is almost nothing they can do about it. Just ask them about it and they'll chat you up with things like “not enough budget”, and so and so.

Department of Health Secretary Enrique Ona wants our high school graduates to choose courses in mathematics, engineering and science and technology because he doesn't want them to be contributing to the already huge number of unemployed nurses.

The bottom line is this, if the government is telling you to take an IT course instead of nursing, it can be translated as this: “Don't take up nursing because if you do, you'll end up in a lot of shit. So take up math statistics or something instead.”

The truth is you have more options being a nursing graduate than say a math major graduate. The market in need of nursing hands may be shrinking but its still much bigger than other markets out there. By a mile.

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  1. i am a n igorot nurse too..job hunter..its a really wild forest.