April 10, 2011

Support Dayer Gabutan

As you may know, a young lad from Ambagiw, named Dayer Gabutan, won the championship of the World Boxing Organization [WBO]Bantamweight Division - Oriental Division last year. This young man's father is an Iloko who left the family. Two days after winning the belt, my brother-in-law Greg Abalos and I went to see him at the gym to take him elsewhere to celebrate the victory. But to our shock he was not at the gym as he was reported for work in an auto shop as a mechanic aide. So, the big problem with our promising boxers is that they are only part-time boxers and they have to eke out a living somewhere [as the pay they get from boxing is not even enough to pay for the training needs]. Their only hope is to have a share in the proceeds of gate ticket sales [but they can be lucky if they can get as much as P10,000].

Dayer is defending his title [for the second time] on April 15 in La Trinidad against the #2 in the division, a slugger from Thailand who holds a 11 win and 1 loss record. Dayer's record is 13 wins and 1 loss. He is presently # in the WBO - world and if he wins this fight, he is eligible to take a crack at the WBO world championship.

We are promoting this fight especially to all i-Besao ta wada bassit di dakdake as maailako ay ticket tapno wada ma-income na to pay for his training costs and hopefully enough to pay for his next training which he really needs to concentrate on to prepare for the world championship. Ta men full-time koma ay boxer baken en mechanic aide. Besao municipality is selling Sponsonr's Ticket at P500 each for this purpose.

So, can you please forward this appeal to your networks so we can reach more i-Besao. They can get the tickets from Besao municipality, c/o Modesto Gaab at cellphone 09391811411. Wada gedan inpa-ali da ay tickets asna office so they can get from us.

When Rey Tam of Kapangan became a WBO - Oriental champion, all the people of Kapangan filled the buses to watch his fights and to give moral and inspiriational support. We are hoping more of us i-Besao can also do the same.

By the way, the under card will include a bout featuring Wilbur Andugan, a boxer from Soquib, Besao. So, we have two great fighters here who both need our support.


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