April 28, 2011

Sorry but this peanut brittle sucks. So does this pack of strawberries.

The City of Baguio wasn't built on rock and roll. It was initially built by our Igorot ancestors, the white men who came to instill unto them the western ways of living, and the lowlanders who decided to climb up the mountains and join the growing mountain community.

The small mountain community soon grew into a well-known destination where you smell the strong scent of pine wherever you point your nose (although this hasn't been the case for a long time now). A place where if you don't own a jacket, you could shiver yourself to death (you gotta love those girls in fur coats with furry hoods). A place where pony boys were kings. A haven for artists. A place where you can ride a boat thousands of feet above sea level.

Soon, peanut brittles, peanut butter, strawberries, strawberry jams, ube jams, Sagada oranges, etc. came into the picture. Food favorites that came to be associated with Baguio City. Fine and good until everything started crumbling down. Cashing in on tourists became a priority over the quality and truthfulness of the goods being sold.

Allow me to point out a few examples why this is the case:
1) I'm from Besao, a town just on the other side of the mountain where Sagada is located. To get to Besao, you have to go through Sagada. With that said, I know Sagada just as much as the i-Sagadas. I know what Sagada oranges look like. I know that the people of Sagada don't grow grapes. Yet when I go to the Baguio City public market, I see these “larger than life” oranges labeled as Sagada oranges which were obviously imported from China, Japan or wherever. There are also vendors selling grapes labeled as “Sagada grapes”. It's all lies. The good name and goodwill of the town of Sagada is being used to scam and mislead people. How unethical.
2) The quality of the “Baguio food products” being sold aren't strictly monitored. I challenge you to go to the public market and grab a few peanut brittles. Open it. Chances are there's a huge gaping void on the middle of the container. What's worse, the ratio of peanut to syrup will probably be 1:10. That is just a few real peanuts on a sea of hardened syrup.
3) See those pre-packed strawberries? It's never a good idea to buy them. If you want real fresh strawberries, go to La Trinidad instead and buy straight from the farmers. You get them fresh and at LOWER prices. It's a win-win, brother. Don't worry, La Trinidad is just a few stone-throws away from Baguio.

So there ya go. To tourists and local buyers out there, you've been warned. To the vendors, be reminded that tourists are your main clients. If they learn that you've been screwing them, you'll be hearing “hasta lavista”. You'll be counting customers lost instead of counting the goods you sold.

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  1. gumatang ka ti ado peunut brittle ta kanen tayo nga agboya ti twilight saga new moon...ken strawberries...