April 30, 2011

A Not So Holy Week In Baguio City

What did you do this past Holy Week? Gone home to the province? Went on a getaway trip to Sagada? Climbed Mt. Pulag? Stayed at home having movie marathons? Robbed an apartment and carted away more than 60,000 pesos worth of valuables?

I hope it's not the last one because Clang-Clang Cunanan and Abbie Tagnipez, boarders of an apartment here in Baguio City left for Pampanga during the Holy Week. They returned a few days later only to find out that their apartment had been ransacked during the time that they were away. Laptop, camera, DVD player, watches, flat screen TV, all GONE. Somebody or some people went through a window and stole their valuables.

So much for Holy Week. Another knife stabbed into Baguio City's already bleeding image.

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