April 10, 2011

Fire Incident Along Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Photos by Sir Art Tibaldo. (Please don't sue me for re-posting the photos here. Just trying to share that is all. Besides, I can't afford a lawyer. Hehe.)

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  1. so that's where the fire trucks were heading earlier. nasalubong namin nung nasa taxi kami pauwi.

    i added you already sa FB as a friend and to our group. hope we find more active bloggers. i agree, it would be fun meeting with others who share the same passion as we have! :)

  2. Lapit lang ng house namin dito! :P

    I hope no one was seriously hurt.

    Anyway, visiting you from Baguio Bloggers on Facebook.. :)

  3. nakarma may ari ng grande island. she deserves it

  4. @k: Thanks.
    @Ane: No one's hurt. At least that's what the news is saying.
    @Anonymous: Bakit naman? Do you know the owner? :)

  5. Anonymous said...
    nakarma may ari ng grande island. she deserves it
    April 10, 2011 8:14 PM

    > "she"??? are you connected? just kidding..

  6. bakit di nasama sa picture yung katabing simbahan?