April 19, 2011

Another Giant Leap for a Pugilist Hailing from Ambagiw, Besao, Mt. Province

Our very own Dayer Gabutan, a fellow Cordilleran did it again. In a boxing match expected to be a long and tough war, he ended it in three rounds by knocking out the other guy. The other guy, Meechai Kiatpracha, is a tough boxer who came all the way from Thailand to challenge Gabutan for his World Boxing Organization Oriental bantamweight title. Respect and hats off to him for giving the fight his all. It takes a lot of guts to travel through sea and land and throw the gauntlet to a champion right on his hometown. It takes a lot of balls to do that.

Unfortunately, for the gutsy and brave Thai, he was outclassed. It was clearly the local boxer's night. Another booster to the pride of all i-Besao's especially those from Ambagiw, a small and peaceful community tucked in the mountains of Besao where Gabutan hails from.

On the weigh-in before the scheduled bout, the Thai challenger vowed to take out Gabutan via knockout.

He stated in the Thai language, “I worked hard for this, I am already 100 percent in condition and I will knock him down.”

For his part, Gabutan said, “Kaya natin yung challenger wag lang mag kumpyansa. May tsansa din po tayo na ma-knockout yung kalaban lalo pag tumama po yung pamatay na suntok ko.”

Well, fight night came and the challenger failed to stay true to his promise as it was Gabutan who delivered the “knockout goods”.

On a different note, a day before the fight, a newsletter written by a certain Atty Floyd Lalwet for an online group was widely shared on the social networking site Facebook. The letter opened a window into both of Gabutan's personal and professional life. It also raised some points on the state/plight of local boxers today. To read the letter, just click here.

To boxers and fighters out there who are experiencing constraints with regards to their chosen career, the story of Mike Tyson might be of great help to you. Even if you're not in the business of punching other people in the face, Tyson's story could be of great inspiration to you.

Every boxer has to start from somewhere. Even if that somewhere is nowhere. Mike Tyson, one of the greatest men to ever lace a pair of boxing gloves came from a poor and broken family. Not to mention living in one of the toughest neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York. Tyson was a lost soul back then. By the time he was 13 years old, he was arrested nearly a dozen of times. As a kid, his most prized possessions, to his own admission were his pet pigeons. He was bullied because of his high-pitched voice. He was sent to reform school. He was treated like he was nothing and everybody expected him to grow into a “nothing man”.

But luck favors those who have the “talents”. Boxing trainer Cus D'Amato saw the potential in young Tyson so he pulled him out of reform school, became Tyson's father-figure, and molded him into a boxer that was feared by everyone. The rest they say is history. At age 20, Tyson became the youngest boxer ever to win a championship in the heavyweight division. He started knocking the daylights out from other boxers. Bigger and heavier men would succumb to his power punches and fell to his feet like dead logs. Thud after thud.

Mike Tyson made it. From being bullied, he became the bully. He was a champion. He was getting paid millions of green dollars to throw punches. He became a very successful man which is a far cry from what most people expected of him to become – a “nothing man”.

Of course, Tyson sort of went back to zero after transcending the sport of boxing into the mainstream. He got convicted of raping an 18-year old beauty queen. He spent several years in prison for it. He bit pieces off Evander Holyfield's ear. He wanted to eat Lennox Lewis' children. He basically became a mad man. But these are parts of another story which is better told in another piece. Tyson came from nowhere and actually became SOMETHING (albeit temporarily). That's the point. Getting from level 1 to level 100.

So congratulations Dayer Gabutan!!! You are on the right track.
Good luck to your next fights. We can't wait to see you finally fight for a WORLD title. That would be uber awesome.


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