March 6, 2011


1) Hope everyone had a happy and fun Panagbenga experience unless you are someone like me who finds streets overflowing with people rather suffocating. So the entire duration that Session road was closed for the festivities, I never went the hell near it. I avoided it like it's the Black Plague. I'm not saying that I don't like it or I'm against it. I'm all for it. It's good for the people. Good for business. Good for the city's coffers. Good for the family who rode a ship, a plane and a bus just to experience what our beloved City of Baguio has to offer. I'm just a person who likes it nice and quiet. A main thoroughfare closed to traffic and turned into a market strip is not quiet at all. So when for instance I'm at the Baguio Convention Center and I wanted to get to the La Trinidad jeepney station along Magsaysay, I don't pass through Session Road. Instead, I take the longer walk – Baguio City National High School, Burnham Park, Abanao Square, Public Market and bam, the La Trinidad loading area. Neat huh? Good exercise for my 24-year old pair of legs.

2) Congratulations to Ms. Janice Matbagan. You make the Cordillera nation proud. Sagada for the win. If you have no idea who this smart lady soldier is, shame on you. So hey, pareng Bonifacio, agpa-shot kan ah padle. One member's triumph is the whole family's victory.

3) Congratulations as well to Honorio Banario for winning his fight at the URCC Invasion that happened at the Baguio Convention center. Keep on with your winning ways brother. Dream big and shoot for the UFC. Who knows.

4) To the politicians of this city and region, we are hoping to see more of you actually flexing your muscles at work just as you promised us when you were on the campaign trail.

5) To La Trnidad jeepney drivers: “9.75 ti pamasahe mula Km 5 to Baguio sunga no nangited kami ti sangapulo, baryaan yo met ah dakami ti binteng”.

6) There is more to life than Facebook. If you can, stop wasting your time throwing sheep around and planting eggplants on Farmshitville or whatever. Nothing beats sitting on a sidewalk and actually chatting with a friend.

7) Thank you to the writer of a letter that was published on the Baguio Midland Courier (dated March 6, 2011). The letter titled “The truth about jobs in New Zealand” goes deep into irregularities and scams concerning nursing and caregiver jobs for Filipinos in New Zealand. We need more people like you. People who are not afraid to sing when they deem it to be necessary.

8) We've just experienced the first summer rains. Hoping though that they don't come rather too often or we'll find our summers, well, ruined.

9) Last but not the least, have a peaceful week ahead folks. Avoid killing someone even if the urge is next to unstoppable :)

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