February 2, 2011

A Full Copy of the Resolution that Declared Jimmy Laking a “Persona Non Grata” in the Municipal Office of La Trinidad

On December 21 of last year, the La Trinidad council via a resolution declared journalist Jimmy Laking a persona non grata banning him from entering the council's office. A copy of the resolution was published on the January 30, 2011 issue of the Baguio Midland Courier. It was a paid publication by the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan, Municipality of La Trinidad. It was obviously the council's response to the mostly negative write-ups that started appearing on local newspapers since the resolution came out.

The contents of the resolution were as follows:

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Benguet
Office of the Sangguniang Bayan
Telefax No. 422-2736 / Digitel: 309-1002

Regular Meeting
December 21, 2010

PRESENT: HON.ROMERO K. SALDA, Municipal Vice Mayor and Presiding Officer
HON. JIM G. BOTIWEY, Municipal Councilor
HON. HENRY M. KIPAS, Municipal Councilor
HON. ARTHUR M. SHONTOGAN, Municipal Councilor
HON. RODERICK C. AWINGAN, Municipal Councilor
HON. HORACIO A. RAMOS JR., Municipal Councilor
HON. ESTRELLA B. ADEBAN, Municipal Councilor
HON. FRANCIS A. LEE, Municipal Councilor
HON. VON RYAN T. TAULI, Municipal Councilor
HON. ROBERT M. NAMORO, Municipal Councilor – ABC President

ABSENT: On Official Business – HON. BRENDEN KIM J. QUINTOS, Municipal Councilor – SK Representative


WHEREAS, responsible journalism espouses fair, true, correct and unbiased coverage of events, issues and facts;
WHEREAS, in violation of media ethics and standards, Mr. Jimmy Laking, as a reporter of a local weekly newspaper, on several occasions, misquoted members of this council and erroneously reported matters which are not in accordance with the legislative intent and final decision of this council;
WHEREAS, his repeated infidelity to his profession by his irresponsible and erroneous reporting propagates misleading information and mistrust, discord and chaos among the members of this Council and the general public;
WHEREAS, he does not substantially undertake effort to get the correct claims, stand and decisions of this Council as well as its members especially on matters involving sensitive and crucial issues, instead, he chooses to take the cudgel to insinuate irregularities in many of the undertakings of this Council as a whole and its individual members;
WHEREAS, his manner of handling statements of the members of this Council creates hostility, if not indifference, instead of accountability and responsibility;
WHEREAS, it can be gleaned from his news columns and relations that he has adopted adversarial attitude towards members of this Council, utilizing the media in publicizing his antagonistic bias through his arrogant display of unilateral control and unprofessional conduct in his write ups;
WHEREAS, he only reports claims and sentiments which reflect and support his biases and refuses to report those adverse to his and instead, put the personality who issued such in the blind item of their paper in a negative way;
WHEREAS, he personally and arrogantly claims that he was responsible in the loss of former Mayor Artemio A. Galwan in the Mayorship race in the last local elections by discrediting him in his articles and that two incumbent Councilors who were members of the past administration would have lost too had he not concentrated in discrediting former Mayor Galwan, only hinting that members of this Council should fear him and succumb to his wishes or demands;
WHEREAS, it is a public knowledge that he is hostile to former Mayor Galwan not because of reasonable issues but because of a personal issue; i.e., the latter's refusal to employ him as Municipal Administrator, thus putting himself, as a media man above propriety;
WHEREAS, his pursuit of dissension instead of clarification, personal benefit instead of responsible journalism and vendetta and personal preference instead of truth, amounts to betrayal of the trust and confidence befitting him as a member of the media and diminish, if not totally remove his effectiveness as a responsible member of the media;
WHEREAS, the totality of the foregoing warrant legislative stand which would protect the integrity of the actions of the Council, the interest of the public and the media as a noble profession;

On motion “en masse” duly seconded, be it
RESOLVED, as it is hereby done, to declare Mr. Jimmy Laking as “Persona Non Grata” in the Sangguniang Bayan Office of La Trinidad, Benguet Province;
RESOLVED, further, to forward this resolution to the officers and members of the Baguio-Benguet Correspondents Broadcasters Club, thru Mr. Jun Villanueva, and to Atty. Delmar Carino, President, Benguet Press Corps, for their information and appropriate action.

JIM BOTIWEY – Municipal Councilor
HENRY M. KIPAS - Municipal Councilor
ARTHUR M. SHONTOGAN - Municipal Councilor
RODERICK C. AWINGAN - Municipal Councilor
HORACIO A. RAMOS JR. - Municipal Councilor
ESTRELLA B. ADEBAN - Municipal Councilor
FRANCIS A. LEE - Municipal Councilor
VON RYAN T. TAULI - Municipal Councilor
ROBERT M. NAMORO - Municipal Councilor

I, HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the foregoing resolution which was duly adopted by the Sangguniang Bayan during its regular session held at the Sangguniang Session Hall, on December 21, 2010.
Secretary to the Sanggunian

Presiding Officer

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  1. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Jimmy Laking may not be the best journalist, but he makes statements that the counsel and mayor haven't been able to dispel. Even if it is all his opinion, he still has a right to it.

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