January 25, 2011

Mark Eddiva to Make His Professional MMA Debut in Hongkong Tomorrow

Mark Eddiva, a Cordilleran athlete and fighter under Team Lakay will be fighting tomorrow on the Legend Fighting Championship 4 promotion at the Asia World-Expo in Hongkong. He will be up against Alex Lee, a Hongkong national. The Legend Fighting Championship website states that the two fighters are making their professional MMA debuts in this fight. On the Team Lakay website however, Mark Eddiva had a fight under the URCC which he won via submission. URCC is the Philippines' premier mixed martial arts promotional company. So this fight clearly is not his professional debut. [Update:Mark Eddiva's previous fight with the URCC was part of a university series so this fight against Lee is indeed his MMA debut.]

Eddiva is a couple of inches shorter than Lee. Both fighters are accomplished in combat sports, winning titles and medals in international combat competitions. Lee for instance won a bronze medal at the 2010 World Kickboxing Championships held in Greece. Eddiva on the other hand is also a bronze medalist in Sanshou at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

Here are some highlights of previous Legend Fighting Championship fights:

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  1. Eddiva's URCC fight was part of their university challenge series, which is considered to be amateur MMA, so his fight last week was indeed his professional MMA debut.

  2. @Anonymous: Ah OK. I thought all fights in the URCC are professional bouts. Thanks for the correction.