January 31, 2011

If Even the Baguio City Hall Can't be Protected from Thieves, We're Fu**ed

The Baguio City Hall is our White House. It is our Malacanang Palace. Therefore, in terms of security, it is supposed to boast of impregnable walls. Walls with eyes and ears even. Well, apparently, this is not the case with OUR City Hall. It has been robbed more than once in 2010 alone. What's really bizarre is that the last one happened in broad daylight. Right when the Hall is going through it's daily grind. If you are a Baguio resident or a businessman and this doesn't scare the HELL out of you, I don't know what will.

We are not trying to put the City Hall under the bad light here. But being robbed more than once in a year is a very embarrassing thing. The City Hall has got to heighten its security measures and policies to bar such robberies to ever happen again.

Another point to consider are the implications of the robberies to the homes and establishments in and around Baguio. You really can't help but ask the question: “If thieves can rob the City Hall like it's a simple walk in the park, then robbing an ordinary house or building will be as easy as counting one, two, three.” This logic is of course flawed but it has a point. A scary point at that. Scary because we are not as safe as we thought we are. The fact that robbers have the nerves to target a City Hall that has security guards not to mention the cops roaming around should make Baguio homeowners shivering in fear.

So a piece of advice – smart up and don't let them thieves outsmart you.

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