January 7, 2011

Doesn't It Bother You

I remember a very funny scene from an episode of CSI:Las Vegas when crime lab supervisor Grissom asked this question from a guy who works for a pest/bug control company: “Doesn't it bother you that you kill insects for a living?” The pest control guy sort of got pissed by the question and replied: “What?!!”

Anyway, I have a friend who owns a stall at the Baguio City Public Market. I go there for small talks once in a while for old time's sake. The stall adjacent to his is a poultry shop. Whenever I see the shopkeeper butcher and burn them chickens for his clients, I am almost tempted to approach him and say Grissom-style: “Doesn't it bother you that you kill chickens for a living?” Since he is an Igorot just as I am, I would've said:”Ay adi ka ka-konsensiya ay nan oblam et menpatpatey as manok?” As a joke of course but there was a risk he might take it seriously so I never approached to ask the question. Not to mention that he is a guy who is a lot bigger than I am. Who knows, he might even have a black belt in karate.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a vegetarian. I eat meat. I like meat. Especially chicken. Vegetarians are people who can't find anything else to do so they resort to not actually doing anything like not eating meat...:)

Just a thought.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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  1. haha! you should ask fellow igorots who eat dog meat! apay di ka makonsensiya nga mangmangan ti kabbalay mo?hehehe...peace kakadua!