January 11, 2011

Chenggen Yo Nan Ayuweng Mi

This is a type of blog post that we'll be doing more often in the future. There's a lot of news and stories out there that to try and write a blog post on every one of them will be too exhausting. We have lives to live besides blogging, you know. You know what I mean. You know. Thank you Manny Pacquiao for that one.:)

Anyway, for this "web roundup" post and future pieces, we'll be tackling several stories in one blog post. We'll be numbering them for your easy reading and digestion. We'll be including our comments and views if we deem there is a need for them..:)

1) One Grain of Rice Means a Life Saved: Tan-o The Igorot Blog writes about the value of you guessed it right, RICE. She says:
"Looking back and reminiscing the past with my grandfather brings me back those fond memories and those words that were so valuable to me. When I look at the present situation where hunger is rampant in many areas around the world; I always think of my grandfather’s teachings when we were kids. “Do not waste anything because everything has an end.”

2) Miss Bontoc Tourism 2011 (photo) - We just found this photo on Flickr. At first we thought it's referring to our good town in Mt. Province. Well, it's not. It's actually a beauty pageant in a town in Southern Leyte also called Bontoc.

3) Baguio is no Baguio without Camp John Hay - This article is rife with errors. Take this statement for instant: "It (Camp John Hay) is even older than the city itself!" This is just wrong.

4) Igorot Gets Apology From US Gov’t - US Ambassador to the Philippines Harry Thomas Jr. wrote:
“I am writing to express my sincere apology for the incident detailed [in a Nov. 25 complaint aired by NCIP chair Roque Agton Jr.]. I deeply regret any offense to the distinguished indigenous people present at President Clinton’s forum... Unfortunately, in situations such as this, those unaware of the richness of Filipino culture and tradition often fail to appreciate its historical significance and value in the treasured partnership of our two nations.”

5) Accents of Harmony by Rex Delson - Rex Delson continues to serve as one of the loudest Igorot voices in America. To quote from his piece:
"Ring, ring, ring. "Heloo," my mother asks after picking up the phone. "Ahrecks, mense-ed ka , por awhile. He's in da keechin." With the phone still near her mouth, she shouts out to me as if I were across the street, "Arecks, pone call!" Then she continues, "He's coming bye and bye." My eyes roll and I pick up the phone only to hear my friend laughing and imitating my mother's Kankanaey accent."

6) Bontoc Song by Infontoc (video)

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