January 3, 2011

The Best And Worst of 2010

The January 2 issue of the Midland Courier had a list article called “Nominations 2010”. In it, the paper enumerated the bests and the worsts of the last 12 months. It is an exhausting list consisting of exactly 264 entries (I know because I counted.). There are two ways you can look into the list. Either you take it seriously or you don't. Or you can take some of the entries seriously and dismiss all the rest as “things that does not make any sense” or “plain stupid”.

Most of the entries pertain to people, events, things, etc. in and around Baguio City although some entries are national in scope. Manny Pacquiao for instance is “Filipino of the Year”, Lauro Vizconde is “Victim of the Year”, and President Noynoy Aquino is “Chick Boy of the Year”.

The people who made it into the list either get a pride boost or a dose of embarrassment. The first entry on the list for instance is Councilor Elmer Datuin as the “Abominable Snowman of the Year”. This nomination is obviously pointing towards the EPIC failures of the so-called “Snow Shows”. Thousands of people filled the whole stretch of Session Road to watch the first of several “Snow Shows” only to get nothing but soap bubbles and sud. The show that followed after saw no improvement so the succeeding shows were scrapped. Poor Mr. Datuin. He's been called a “snowman” when he should have been called the “soapman”.

Benguet governor Nestor Fongwan is one who's probably all smiles by now for being included in the list. He is after all the “Action Man of the Year” which implies that he is one who get things done, not one who merely talks about getting things done but doesn't get anything done (whew).

The list is a very long one. As I stated earlier, it is composed of 264 entries. Trying to tackle even just a fourth of a whole of them here will take forever so I am just going to enumerate a few of the funnier ones. They may be funny but they are true (kinda). So here we go, folks.

Cause of Irritation of the Year – cashiers often asking if customers have coins

Closure of the Year – stalls at Porta Vaga

Deceiving Color of the Year – the use of green roofing in vegetables section of the Baguio Public Market

Isnabero of the Year – taxi drivers

Marketing Tool of the Year – Facebook

Often Said but not Meant of the Year – political will

Political Gimmick of the Year – political candidates on Facebook

Tent Supplier of the Year – Masuhiro Okuda

“We all wish” of the Year – to win the P742 million lotto jackpot

To see the complete list of nominees, get yourself a copy of the Midland Courier.

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