December 6, 2010

Snow show in Baguio City an epic fail? [with photos]

Before anything else, the organizers of the snow show should be patted in the backs for coming up with a really unique and original idea. Due credit must be given to them. We know they have nothing but the very best of intentions in coming up with the snow show idea. Snow on the streets of Baguio City? What's not to love in such a concept. The idea is very interesting indeed. However, the delivery was very unsatisfactory. On the early evenings of December 4 and 5, the snow shows were staged. 

Hundreds if not thousands of people showed up to see the shows. On December 4 especially, the whole of Session Road was literally packed with people. They went there expecting something grand, something beautiful. To cut things short, the shows weren't even close to being good. They were bad, as in really bad. They were almost painful to watch. Almost embarrassing to see the droves of people watching a drizzle instead of a snow show.

More snow shows are expected to be staged in the coming days and weeks. Let's just wait and see if we will be witnessing improved shows or we will be seeing the same of what happened on the evenings of December 4 and 5.

What really came up as beautiful during the snow shows were the crowds that came out to see them. Estimates say the crowds were between 30,000 and 50,000. Just look at the following photos. The crowds were amazing. Too bad, snow shows were not even close to being good.
photo credit: Harley Palangchao

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  1. I'm glad I didn't go to that snow show. But I agree with you - the crowd of people waiting for the show is pretty interesting to look at.

  2. Yes indeed, but it was also a very scary scene. It was a stampede disaster waiting to happen.