December 28, 2010

Hello World

Okay. Before I publish the first paragraphs of whatever crazy ideas I have on this blog, I would like to thank the guy who started this blog for allowing me to take over. Thank you Paul. It is indeed a great privilege bestowed upon me. And I promise to deliver whatever expectations are EXPECTED of me. I'll try to give it my best shot(ha ha). This is after all a writing and blogging platform, a field where I believe I have the right if not appropriate goods and skills for. Thanks again. A million thanks, actually.

I've been a follower of this blog for some time as well so I know the topics or themes upon which majority of the blog posts revolve. I therefore recognize my responsibility to keep such themes intact and create content related to such themes.

In the past, this blog has been updated by Paul on a regular basis following a posting schedule. New content is posted several times a week. I however cannot guarantee that I will be able to follow such a schedule. I'll update it when a story I find worthy comes my way. There will be a new post every week, this I can ensure but as to the number of updates in a week, I can't say anything.

I think that's about all that a little introduction should contain..:) So I'll see you down the road, folks.

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