November 6, 2010

Girlfriend or Dota? Dota Siyempre!!!

Enter any internet cafe here in Baguio City and you will see them. The DotA (Defense of the Ancients) boys. The Dota addicts, whatever it is they call themselves these days. They are mostly composed of young high school and college students. They are noisy. They are loud. They don't give a damn about the lady nearby doing her research on Google. Expletives are coming out of their mouths every few seconds. “Tae” there. “Putang ina” here. “Gago” everywhere. Bring your grandmother to a shop full of these DotA boys and she will probably die from a heart attack.

To call these computer game enthusiasts addicts is an understatement. Listen some time on their conversations and you will likely hear the term “overnight”. “Pre, overnight tayo.” Or “Ag-overnight ka ba.” You can take these statements at face value. They mean exactly how they are spelled. Which means they are not planning of going to sleep tonight because they are going to spend the night playing DotA. Of course. If you haven't been to an overnight game session, then you have no right calling yourself a DotA boy.

The thing with Dota is this: YOU DON'T GET ADDICTED ALONE. It is a multi-player game so in order to enjoy playing it, you have to be among other DotA addicts. And I believe this is the main factor why getting over a DotA addiction is next to impossible. Your friends are DotA addicts. Your classmates are DotA addicts. You hang out with these people. So if you stop playing DotA all of a sudden, you will look like an outcast among them. I'm not saying that they will treat you like an outcast. You will still be their friend. But you will be a green apple in a basket full of red-ripe potatoes.

I'm not judging DotA players and I'm not saying that DotA is good or bad. Because I don't know. I never played a single game of it and I have no plans of doing so. I'm contented playing Call of Duty or Resident Evil on a single player mode. Call me old school or a know-nothing-about-computer-games or anything you want. I'm just not that enthusiastic with computer games.

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