November 1, 2010

A Few Notes on the October 31, 2010 Edition of the Baguio Midland Courier

1) I am not going to say that the Obituaries Section is a favorite section of mine because it's not. It is however the section that I go to first when a newspaper vendor hands me a copy of the Midland Courier. I, by the way, normally purchase my Midland Couriers from a vendor along Session Road. I think her name's Manang Lisa. Anyway, if a newspaper I'm holding is a national one like the Philippine Daily Inquirer or the Manila Bulletin, I usually head over first to the comics or arts section. But when it's a Midland Courier, it's the obituaries. I just have the feeling that someone I probably know or simply recognize is now dead. And the Courier often does not disappoint. Just like in today's edition. I recognized two faces in the obituaries. I don't know them personally but they're from the same town as myself. Really creepy. Not to mention it's Halloween time.

2) What's up with all these Golden Retrievers and Labradors going missing? Are Baguio City's dog eaters running out of dog meat? That they are now laying their hands on the tasteless meats of these “mestizo dogs”?

3) There are those instances when you can't help but give a little laugh while reading a news piece even if the piece involved someone dying. Like this guard in La Trinidad being accidentally shot and killed by a fellow guard. Apparently the suspect was just playing with his gun when he unsuspectingly pulled the trigger, killing his friend and fellow guard in the process.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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