November 9, 2010

5 Reasons Why I Love Baguio City

I love Baguio City. Let me enumerate a few of the reasons why.
1) Session Road – I can't walk up or down Session Road without meeting someone I know. An old friend back home from Mt Province. A former classmate of mine at Saint Louis University. Even a lady I once met in Makati City. So whenever I wish to reacquaint myself with people I've known in the distant past, I think of good old Session Road.
2) The Victor Oteyza Community Art Space/Oh My Gulay Vegetarian Cafe – This place which is located at the top floor of the Laperal Building along Session Road is one of my favorite places in Baguio City. You enter another world once you get your feet through the entrance. You will be greeted by a few colored fishes swimming on a miniature pool with a cute little wooden bridge spanning over it. Sweet and indigenous music will be in the air. And of course the food over at the Oh My Gulay is nothing short of fantastic. Not to mention the fact that Kidlat Tahimik is an artist I really look up to. Kidlat Tahimik is one of the guys who designed and made the place.
3) Jack's Rice – I'm tempted of writing Jack's Restaurant here instead but when I really think about it, it's the plate of Jack's Rice that kept me on returning to the restaurant. I'm not saying the other dishes they are serving aren't that great, it's just that the Jack's Rice is the best. I love their Chicken Curry and Jack's Style Chicken as well. And yes of course, their beef mami.
4) The chess games at the Igorot Park. I'm not very good with chess but people in the middle of a chess battle really interest me. So whenever I pass by the Igorot Park, I always stop for a minute and watch the chess players wreck their minds thinking of plans and strategies on how to checkmate their opponents.
5) Country music. I am a country music fan. And I really like and enjoy it whenever I commute to Baguio City from La Trinidad or back. Passenger jeepneys are more often than not tuned in to Magic 99.9 which is a country music station.

I could go on if I wanted to but I'm afraid I'll run the risk of boring you to death. So I'm stopping. Right here. Right now.

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