October 10, 2010

Remembering The Loved Ones We Lost

A year ago when typhoon Pepeng unleashed its wrath over La Trinidad and took the lives of so many innocent people, I was in Manila. In an apartment in Cubao, Quezon City to be exact. We were under the typhoon as well but aside from the flooding in some areas of the city, we were just fine. We were warm. We were sipping on hot cups of coffee and munching on buttery pancakes in front of the television. We had nothing to worry about. We were safe.

As we all know, our beloved brothers and sisters here in La Trinidad especially those who called Little Kibungan their home were not as lucky. They were on the receiving end of a tragedy that unmercifully took so much if not everything from them. In just a matter of seconds, lives were lost and lives were broken. Someone lost a father. Someone lost a mother. Someone lost a daughter. Someone lost a sister. Someone lost a brother. Others lost everyone. It was a time of loss and mourning.

Now that I'm back here in La Trinidad, I can't help but think of the people who were affected by the tragedy. The people who were left behind to mourn those who went ahead. The people who were there to dig their lifeless friends from the ground. The people who begged and prayed that they be spared from the horror. I often ask myself, where are these people? What are they doing now? Have they moved on?

I am writing about this today because when I opened the latest edition of the Baguio Midland Courier, I was looking at the obituaries section. And I saw that so many of the obituaries have either October 8 or October 9, 2009 as the passing away dates. These were the dates when the tragic landslide in Little Kibungan took its toll. And many of those lost were children.

Let us not stop praying for them, for those they left behind and for the tragedy to not ever happen again.


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