October 26, 2010

A Little Incident at BENECO, La Trinidad

So I went to settle our electricity bill yesterday afternoon at the BENECO office in Kilometer 4, La Trinidad. I think yesterday was the deadline for payments before surcharges take effect so I wasn't very surprised to see a line of people that extended outside of the BENECO building. It was just a few minutes after the lunch break.

The line was moving faster than I expected. Soon I was in the building, escaping the raging heat outside. I felt pity for the people on the farther end of the line. They were exposed to the heat of the sun and the smoke and dust from the highway (the BENECO building's door is just a few feet away from the road).

There were (if I recall right) three cashiers accepting payments. It was all great until a couple of voices rose and drowned the small talks and whispered conversations among the people. And those couple of voices belonged to a lady cashier and a middle-aged man, a payer. Apparently the cause of the little argument was that the man thought he already paid the previous month's bill and the cashier was insisting that the bill wasn't settled yet. The argument went on for a while. A security guard even went and stood nearby preparing for the worst, I assumed. Luckily, nothing more happened because the man stormed out of the building saying: “Bay-amun.” which for those who doesn't speak Ilocano or Kankana-ey means “forget it”.

I am not going to point any fingers here and state who I think made the fault because I didn't hear the whole conversation/argument. But from the little exchanges that I was able to hear, the man was asking and demanding for explanations as to why he was paying for a previous month's bill when he believed he already settled it. That's when I believe the lady cashier lost her cool and raised her voice.

If you are going to ask me my thoughts on this, I'd say it's about time that people working on government as well as non-government offices that deal with these types of transactions be reminded and retrained about customer service. The man at the BENECO building went there to settle his dues. He is a customer. He's got a problem with his bills so he protested. The lady cashier responded in a rather unprofessional way. She should have remained calm and addressed the inquiries of the man in a calm and helpful manner. But she did just the opposite. She raised her voice. Although she was explaining to the man his case, the tone of her voice wasn't appropriate. So what happened? The man stormed out of the building. So in simple terms, the cashier didn't help with the man's problem, she just made it worse.

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