September 8, 2010

What Comes to Your Mind When You Hear of the Word Sagada?

1) The Sagada Caves – Of course. The caves are the reasons why Sagada is so famous in the first place.
2) Sagada oranges – Forget the larger than life oranges being sold at the Baguio City Market labeled as “Seedless Sagada Oranges”. Those are counterfeits.
3) Bomok-od Falls – Yes, Sagada's famous waterfall.
4) Pine trees – Sagada is teeming with them.
5) The Lemon Pie House – Sweet, sweet, sweet.
6) Lake Danum – This in truth isn't on Sagada. It's on Besao territory. Besao is a town just a few kilometers from Sagada. Besao folks call the lake Banao not Danum.
7) Lizardo Trans – This is the only bus company plying the Baguio City to Sagada route.
8) The sharp and jagged rocks – They are everywhere in Sagada, cropping out of the earth and pointing up into the sky like sculptures by some abstract artist.
9) Foreigners – Foreign tourists are a fixture in the Sagada landscape.
10) The beautiful rice terraces – They may not as sky-bound as their Banaue counterpart but they are as beautiful if not more so.
11) Marijuana – This negatively taints Sagada's image but it does exist. Sad but true.
12) Saturday which is Sagada market day – Vendors and buyers from the neighboring towns of Besao, Bontoc, Sabangan and Bauko convene at Poblacion Sagada to buy and sell stuff.

If you have anything to add to the list, please do so by leaving a comment below. I'll gladly update this blog post with your ideas.

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  1. the mountains: morning hikes are great especially when you hear the chirping of birds and feel the cold breeze right at the mountaintop