September 7, 2010

Baguio Hotels Near the City's Central Business District

If you are a first-time visitor of Baguio City, looking for a place to stay can be a hassle at times. There are a lot of Baguio hotels to choose from but it isn't always easy to find them especially if you don't have a tourist guide with you. Most of the Baguio maps available also don't include the locations of these Baguio hotels.

So to help you out in finding a good and accessible hotel, here are a few tips on where to look and how.

Majority of Baguio hotels are located on the outskirts of the city so if you want a hotel which is as far away from the bustle of the city center, then one of these outskirts hotels are perfect for you. Baguio City isn't a huge city so if you have a licensed tourist guide with you, he'll know exactly where to take you.

Now, if you prefer staying on a hotel which is as near the central business district as possible, there are several Baguio hotels you can pick from. Hotel Veniz is probably the best among the crop and it sits within the center of the city. Surrounding the hotel are some of the city's landmarks like the Maharlika Livelihood Center, Abanao Square Mall, Igorot Park, Burnham Park and the Melvin Jones Football Grounds. It's also just a walk away from the famous Session Road.

Burnham Hotel or the Burnham Suites is a good choice if you want some peace and quiet. It's tucked in a corner of the city where traffic on the road beside it is very minimal and there aren't much establishments around it. It overlooks the city's most popular attraction, Burnham Park.

El Cielito Inn is the perfect place for you if your plans in visiting Baguio City includes some shopping. It's just a short walk away from SM, the city's biggest shopping mall.

There are several more Baguio hotels within the central business district you can go to if the above-mentioned ones don't suit you. Just ask your guide or if you don't have one, visit the nearest police outpost and they'll gladly help you.

Welcome to Baguio City and enjoy your stay.

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