August 9, 2010

City of Crime?

Baguio isn't just the City of Pines. It's fast becoming a City of Crime. The streets of the city are getting meaner everyday. If they get any meaner, they'd be a perfect setting for a Martin Scorsese movie. Mean Streets II anyone?

A few weeks or months ago, the city was chilled to the bones not because of cold but of fear. Who wouldn't be? An arm found on top of a phone booth. An ear there. Legs over there. It was better than a horror movie. Jack the Ripper's probably squirming on his grave if he has a grave.

And again, a news report yesterday on TV Patrol Baguio. A girl student of Philippine Women's University was found in a canal in Camp 1, Kennon Road, Tuba, Benguet. In a canal. Jesus Christ. In a canal. DEAD. Not breathing, of course, because dead people can't breath and because a murderer or murderers made sure she can't anymore. She was CHOKED to death.

This is brutality in our midst. People are getting killed around us. In a place very close to our hearts because it's our home. A city famous for its pines doesn't deserve that fame anymore if under the same pines, the blood and lives of innocent people are being wasted.

What happened to that girl could happen to anyone. To you. To your daughter.

Just think about it.

And more importantly, do something about it. Watch over yourselves and watch over the city.

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