August 3, 2010

Bokawkan out, Buhagan Road in

I was reading an article on the Baguio Midland Courier last Sunday when I came across an unfamiliar name of a road. Buhagan road the article said. Well, surprise, surprise, Buhagan Road is the new name of good old Bokawkan Road.

I don't know why they changed the name but I would like to know why. Why? What is this Buhagan? Or is Buhagan the name of someone, a hero or something. I tried searching on the internet but to no avail. And when did they change it because clearly it escaped my news-capturing radars.

I am a resident of La Trinidad, Benguet and once in a while I commute to Baguio City via the Bokawkan or should I say Buhagan Road. Well, the jeeps plying the route haven't changed their signs. This could get really misleading if you are a first time visitor of La Trinidad town.

Still, I wanna know the difference between Bokawkan and Buhagan. Kindly leave a comment if you do know.

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