July 21, 2010

Who is Gilbert Angnganay

It seems nowadays that whenever we hear news coming from Kalinga province, it's always about someone getting gunned down and killed.

Last Tuesday, another man's life was once again cut short after he was shot in broad daylight. In a public market. Jesus Christ. It scares me to death just by thinking how simple and easy these executions are done. You just don't go to a public market and start shooting somebody.

The man killed is Gilbert Angnganay and the man who killed him is Adaggan Wacnang. Gilbert is a former vice-mayor of Tanudan. Shooting happened at Bulanao Market in Tabuk City.

Nobody knows for sure why the shooting happened but clan feud is a possible motive according to investigators.

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  1. Guilbert Angnganay was killed by accident. The killing was not in anyway ill-motivated but ill-fated because of over indulgence to SAMMIGIL.
    I repeat. SAMMIGIL.
    When Guilbert and adaggan, bossom buddies, were already tipsy and drunk, Adaggan for some reason (or absent any reason at all as they were already very drunk)drew out his cal.45. Guilbert, a natural peacemaker, grappled for possesion of adaggan,s cal.45 pistol but in the process, the trigger was accidentally pulled, the bullet hitting Guilbert in the chest.
    While the killing was CLEARLY not intentional,
    relatives of Guilbert gunned down Limbangan, an innocent and lowly cousin of Adaggan in revenge. As a result, the family of Limbangan killed Limbangan,s killer and another relative of Guilbert in two separate incidents. Now,the family of Limbangan who (correctly) put justice into their hands are subject to manhunt by the law.
    Putting aside all the evils and morals of this situation, to whom does righteousness belong?