July 16, 2010

TV Patrol Baguio – July 9

1. Two shoplifters were caught in the act. Thanks to an installed CCTV camera.
2. Two men suffered minor injuries after their truck met an accident along Marcos Highway in Tuba, Benguet.
3. Baguio is exempted from the ban on fog lights. Though vehicles with more than two fog lights will be apprehended.
4. More than 800 children in Baguio City were found underweight.
5. 15 people were found positive with the AH1N1 virus this year.
6. Chicharon being sold on stalls around Baguio were found out to be containing styro.
7. Certain camps are accusing Timpuyog ti Baguio and PCOS technicians of breaking election policies and procedures.
8. Baguio is planning of operating a small hydro plant located in Asin, Tuba.
9. Former mayor Reynaldo Bautista in the process of making a book titled “All in Good Time”. Baby Pangilinan writes for him.
10. Sarah Geronimo to be performing July 10 at the UB Gymnasium

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