July 16, 2010

Story of the Kayabang (Love Basket of Benguet)

I was at the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space last July 3 to see the book art launch of Story of the Kayabang (Love Basket of Benguet), a project by Pureza Gomeyac Egmalis.

The program was attended by more or less twenty people including me. It was a rather short and crisp occasion. After a few minutes of an obligatory introduction by Bob Joaquin, the author and artist Pureza Gomeyac Egmalis got busy with her storytelling. I sort off lost how the story was going due to a little crowd of young ladies dining at Oh My Gulay who couldn't seem to lower their voices a bit but of the little parts of the story that I was able to hear, I think it's a really good story.

There were a couple of paintings by Ms. Egmalis on display though I was expecting to see more. A few kayabang baskets were present. But I didn't get to see the book. I was hoping to see it because after all I was at a book launch. The closing remarks by Marie Balangue, a publisher basically said that the book is still a work-in-progress so there. Anyway, I'm looking forward to get my hands on it.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik but he wasn't there. I'm a fan of that Rugged and Bearded Old Man.

I got to see in person New Media Man and artist Art Tibaldo. He looked younger in person than in print or TV. And I gotta say he looked more like a businessman than an artist.

For those interested in paying The Victor Oteyza Community Art Space a visit, it's just along Session Road on the topmost floor of the La Azotea Building.

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